University of Rochester PhD Program

With the PhD application season approaching, we write to remind you of Rochester’s commitment to producing top scholars and ask you to recommend our PhD program to your most promising students. In these challenging times, we are more committed than ever to graduate education and assembling an outstanding incoming PhD class. 
Throughout its 70-year existence, the University of Rochester economics department has trained a long line of doctoral students who have reshaped and transformed the field of economics. This is in our DNA: we take pride in nurturing young scholars and regard our students’ achievements as the foremost measure of our own.  The results speak for themselves: the recent output of alumni ranks Rochester 13th out of all programs worldwide, our record of placements shows that we keep punching above our weight, and our distinguished alumni are, well, distinguished. Our program is designed to foster that success: 

  • All graduate students are funded with competitive stipends. 
  • Very low TA obligations (none in first two years). 
  • Strong focus on Macroeconomics, International Economics, Theory, and Applied Economics. Close ties with the top-notch Wallis Institute of Political Economy and Simon Business School. 
  • Ample RA opportunities and support for travel and data access. Successful RAships often result in highly productive coauthoring relationships with faculty. 
  • We actively encourage and support students' presentations, internally and externally. 
  • Continued support after graduation, including professional advice, co-authorships, invitations for seminars and visits, and the Stockman conference, a vibrant alumni-run annual conference. 
  • Specialized summer courses for newly-admitted students to bridge the jump from undergraduate coursework to PhD training.  

More information can be found on our PhD program's website.

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University of Rochester
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