RISE Day 2017

On April 25, 2017 we held our second annual RISE Day Award Luncheon. RISE Day recognizes outstanding achievements by economics undergraduate and graduate students and exemplary teaching by economics faculty. The event is made possible by the generosity of our alumni and friends. Below are photos from the event and more information about some of the winners.

Flavio Cunha and Amelie Carlton

Flávio Cunha (left) and Amelie Carlton pose with Dean of Social Sciences and RISE Director Antonio Merlo at the RISE Day 2017 Luncheon. Dr. Cunha won the Ralph O'Connor Award for Distinction in Teaching and Research in Economics for his on-going and ambitious research schedule as well as teaching at the graduate and under-graduate level. Dr. Carlton won the Malcolm Gillis Award for Distinction in Undergraduate Teaching in Economics for her very popular ECON 203 Macroeconomics course.

Undergraduate Program

Hanqing Sun and Zodrow

Hanqing Sun won the Peter Mieszkowski Prize for Honors Program Research for her paper "The Differential Determinants of Education and their Impact on Earnings for Urban and Migrant Chinese Workers: Evidence from the Chinese Household Income Project in 1995 and 2002".

Yue Zhang

Yue Zhang (right) recieved the Gaston Rimlinger Prize, for his senior thesis.

Yimeng Tang and Zodrow

Yimeng Tang won the Baker Institute Public Policy Essay Prize for her paper "An Analysis of the Determinants of Educational Production for Schools in Wealthy and Poor Neighborhoods in Tennessee: 2015-2013"

Lauren Heller and Zodrow

Lauren Heller (right), one of 10 newly inducted members into Omnicron Delta Epsilon, the Economics Honor Soceity.

Mengjia Liu and Zodrow

Megjia Liu received the RISE Award in Mathematical Economic Analysis as an academically accomplished rising senior within the MTEC major.

Seohee Kim

Seohee Kim (right) received the RISE Award in Economics as an academically distinguished rising senior within the MTEC major.

Master's in Energy Economics Program

Samantha Pope

Samantha Bobo, recipient of the Byron Pope Award in the Master's of Energy Economics Program poses with Byron Pope (left) and Peter Hartley, co-director of the program.

Doctoral Program

A complete list of awards and their recipients can be found here.


Margaret McKeehan won the Jennifer and Purvez Captain Award for Outstanding Economics Dissertation. Margaret's disseration looks at the optimal taxation of capital in an international setting.


[Left] Paul Barton, winner of the Timothy and Katharine Gunning Award for Best Third-Year Paper, standing with Professor Zodrow. Paul is researching microstructure in a dynamic context within the field of Finance.


[Right] Mark Agerton, winner of the George R. Zodrow Award for Best Performance in a Workshop, standing with Michael Maher from the Baker Institute. Mark's research interests are in the field of energy economics.


[Left] Nick Frazier, winner of the Dagobert L. Brito Award for Best Performance by a Recitation Instructor in Economics. Nick's research looks at issues in labor economics.


[Right] Kiril Evdokimov, winner of the The Robin C. Sickles Award for Best Performance in Econometrics Qualifying Exam, standing with Professor Sickles. Kirill is a second-year interested in microeconomic theory.