The Department of Economics at Rice University continues to position itself among the leading institutions in the world for the study of economics and to participate in Houston’s vibrant community with commitment to excellence and impact. With this as our goal, we have launched the Rice Initiative for the Study of Economics (RISE) under the leadership of its founding and current director Antonio Merlo, George A. Peterkin Professor and Dean of Social the School of Social Sciences.

RISE is a five-year effort to enhance research and teaching in economics as key engines of academic success and real-world contributions. Under the guidance of RISE, our department continues to recruit top scholars to join our exceptional faculty, leverage partnerships around Rice, and create programs that inspire our undergraduates, graduate students and community members alike.

During the first two years of RISE, the department

  • Recruited ten exceptionally talented new faculty members:
    • Antonio Merlo from University of Pennsylvania
    • Flávio Cunha from University of Pennsylvania
    • Hülya Eraslan from Johns Hopkins University
    • Xun Tang from University of Pennsylvania
    • Ken Wolpin from University of Pennsylvania
    • Jeremy Fox from University of Michigan
    • Mallesh Pai from University of Pennsylvania
    • Yinghua He from University of Toulouse
    • Rossella Calvi from Boston College
    • Yunmi Kong from New York University.
  • Launched the professional Master’s Program in Energy Economics.
  • Established the Distinguished Visiting Scholars Program.
  • Recruited senior-level, non-tenure-track lecturers to bolster our teaching efforts for Rice undergraduates.
  • Expanded graduate fellowships.

Our goal is to continue these efforts and launch new ones:

  • Establish an annual departmental lecture series event to invite top researchers to introduce our students to state of the art research areas
  • Establish the annual internationally attended RISE Conference

To reach our goals, we must have the philanthropic support of our Rice community. Over the last two years we have already felt the collective commitment to excellence at Rice, and we look to you for a continued investment in the quality, creativity and dedication of our faculty and our students. Your philanthropy will provide the resources to open new avenues of academic excellence, nurture a top-class educational experience for our students, and ensure that the Department of Economics reaches its full potential.

We invite you to join us and participate as our department continues to grow and improve. We encourage you to reach out and help us develop ever stronger ties to the community and our alumni network around the world.