Greetings to all Rice alumni, especially those with ECON and MTEC undergraduate degrees, MEECON degrees, or a Rice Economics PhD, as well as all other friends of the department.

The Rice Economics Department continues to position itself as a leading institution in the research and teaching of economics, with a commitment to excellence and positive impacts at the local, state, national and international levels. This effort has been facilitated by the ongoing Rice Initiative for the Study of Economics, or RISE, a multi-year effort to enhance research and teaching in economics at Rice. The RISE effort was begun under the leadership of Department Chair and then Dean of Social Sciences Antonio Merlo, continued under Department Chair Kenneth Wolpin, and is ongoing under current Chair George Zodrow. We continue to recruit top scholars to join our exceptional faculty and create partnerships and programs that inspire our undergraduates, graduate students, faculty and community members.

We have charted our progress in several easy accessible locations:

Our goal is to continue these efforts and launch new ones, but to do so we need the philanthropic support of the Rice community. In recent years, we benefited greatly from a collective commitment to excellence at Rice, and we look to you for a continued investment in the quality, creativity and dedication of our faculty and our students. Your philanthropy will provide the resources to open new avenues of academic excellence, nurture a top-class educational experience for our students, and ensure that the Department of Economics reaches its full potential.

We invite you to join us and participate as our department continues to grow and improve. We encourage you to reach out and help us develop ever stronger ties to the community and our alumni network around the world.