Recent Workshops

Captain Seminar Series, Fall 2021

Date Speaker Affiliation Seminar Title Workshop
September 21, 2021 Vincent Boucher University of Laval Binary Outcomes and Linear Interactions Applied Microeconomics
September 30, 2021 Kathi Li University of Texas Statistical Inference for the Factor Model Approach to Estimate Causal Effects in Quasi-Experimental Settings Econometrics
October 7, 2021 Scott Kominers Harvard Business School To Infinity and Beyond: Scaling Economic Theories via Logical Compactness Econometrics
October 12, 2021 Ken Gillingham Yale Equilibrium Trade in Automobiles Applied Microeconomics
October 21, 2021 Ying Fan University of Michigan Estimating Discrete Games with Many Firms and Decisions: An Application to Merger and Product Variety Econometrics
October 28, 2021 Jason Abaluck Yale School of Management A Method to Estimate Discrete Choice Models that is Rubust to Consumer Search Econometrics
November 2, 2021 Andrzej Baranski NYUAD An Experiment on Gender Representation in Majoritarian Bargaining Applied Microeconomics
November 9, 2021 Vasiliki Skreta UT Austin Information Design by an Informed Designer Applied Microeconomics
November 11, 2021 Holger Sieg University of Pennsylvania Electoral Accountability and Control in U.S. Cities Econometrics
November 16, 2021 Paul Grieco Penn State Efficient Estimation of Random Coefficients Demand Models using Product and Consumer Datasets Applied Microeconomics
November 30, 2021 Lanier Benkard Stanford University Square root of n-Convergent Estimation of Large Scale Structural Models with a Fixed Point Constraint Applied Microeconomics
December 2, 2021 Aureo de Paula University College London Spillovers in Social Programme Participation: Evidence from Chile Econometrics
December 7, 2021 Luciano Pommato Caltech Background Risk and Small Stakes Risk Aversion Applied Microeconomics
December 9, 2021 Steven Coate Cornell Financing Local Public Projects Econometrics

Kalai Family Workshops, Spring 2021

Date Speaker Affiliation Seminar Title Workshop
January 21, 2021 Shoshana Vasserman Stanford University Vasserman: Scaling Auctions as Insurance: A Case Study in Infrastructure Procurement Econometrics
February 4, 2021 Lars Nesheim Institute for Fiscal Studies Sparse Demand Systems: Corners and Complements Econometrics
February 25, 2021 Bryan Graham University of California Berkeley An Optimal Test for Strategic Interaction in Social and Economic Network Formation between Heterogeneous Agents Econometrics
March 11, 2021 Kei Kawai University of California Berkeley Using Bid Rotation and Incumbency to Detect Collusion: A Regression Discontinuity Approach Applied Microeconomics
March 18, 2021 Mariana Laverde Yale University Unequal Assignments to Public Schools and the Limits of School Choice Econometrics
March 23, 2021 Omer Tamuz California Institute of Technology Monotone Additive Statistics Applied Microeconomics
April 1, 2021 Neale Mahoney Stanford University Producing Health Capital: Value Added in Nursing Homes Applied Microeconomics
April 6, 2021 Isabelle Brocas University of Southern California Adverse Selection and Contingent Reasoning in Preadolescents and Teenagers Applied Microeconomics
April 13, 2021 Chris Udry Northwestern University Selection into Credit Markets: Evidence from Agriculture in Mali Applied Microeconomics
April 20, 2021 Avidit Acharya Stanford University Electoral Campaigns as Dynamic Contests Applied Microeconomics
April 27, 2021 Manisha Shah UCLA Two Sides of Gender: Sex, Power, and Adolescence Applied Microeconomics
April 29, 2021 Shuyang Sheng UCLA Identification and Estimation of Social Interactions in Endogenous Peer Groups Econometrics

Kalai Family Workshops, Fall 2020

Date Speaker Affiliation Seminar Title Workshop
September 10, 2020 Ruoyao Shi University of California, Riverside An Averaging Estimator for Two Step M Estimation in Semiparametric Models Econometrics
September 17, 2020 Arun Chandrasekhar Stanford University Identifying the Latent Space Geometry of Network Models Through Analysis of Curvature Econometrics
September 24, 2020 Ben Handel University of California, Berkeley The Social Determinants of Choice Quality: Evidence from Health Insurance in the Netherlands Econometrics
October 1, 2020 Maria Polyakova Stanford University How do Humans Interact with Algorithms? Experimental Evidence from Health Insurance Econometrics
October 8, 2020 Magne Mogstad The University of Chicago Imperfect Competition and Rents in Labor and Product Markets: The Case of the Construction Industry Applied Microeconomics
October 15, 2020 Oriol Tejada ETH Zurich The Optimal Length of Political Terms Applied Microeconomics
October 29, 2020 Ron Siegel Pennsylvania State University How to Sell Hard Information Applied Microeconomics
November 4, 2020 Nick Bloom Stanford University Why Working from Home Will Stick Applied Microeconomics
November 5, 2020 Siwan Anderson University of British Columbia Marriage, Commitment and Unbundling Gendered Norms Applied Microeconomics
November 19, 2020 Elena Pastorino Stanford University On the Role of Learning, Human Capital, and Performance Incentives for Wages Applied Microeconomics
December 3, 2020 Chris Sullivan University of Wisconsin-Madison Testing Form Conduct Econometrics

Kalai Family Workshops, Spring 2020

Date Speaker Affiliation Seminar Title Workshop
February 26, 2020 Constatine Yannelis Chicago Booth Corporate Taxes and Retail Prices Business and Economics
March 3, 2020 Valentin Zelenyuk The University of Queensland Improving Finite Sample Approximation by Central Limit Theorems for Estimates from Data Envelopment Analysis Applied Microeconomics
March 4, 2020 Fernando Alvarez The University of Chicago Consumer Surplus of Alternative Payment Methods: Paying Uber with Cash Business and Economics
March 5, 2020 John Wooders NYU Abu Dhabi Expertise, Gender, and Equilibrium Applied Microeconomics
March 13, 2020 Jose Tudon ITAM Business School Consistent Estimation of the Fixed Effects Probit Model Applied Microeconomics
April 2, 2020 Peter Arcidiacono University of Oxford Asian American Discrimination in Harvard Admissions Applied Microeconomics
April 16, 2020 Gabriel Carroll Stanford University Dynamic Incentives in Incompletely Specified Environments Econometrics
April 21, 2020 Abi Adams University of Oxford Preferences and Beliefs in the Marriage Market for Young Brides Applied Microeconomics

Kalai Family Workshops, Fall 2019

Date Speaker Affiliation Seminar Title Workshop
August 28, 2019 Alwyn Young London School of Economics Consistency without Inference: Instrumental Variables in Practical Application Business and Economics
September 5, 2019 Samson Alva UTSA Safe-Setwise Stability and Complementarities in Matching Markets Econometrics
September 12, 2019 Gunter Hitsch The University of Chicago Booth Generalizable and Robust TV Advertising Effects Econometrics
September 19, 2019 Yao Luo University of Toronto Bidding for Contracts under Uncertain Demand: Skewed Bidding and Risk Sharing Econometrics
September 24, 2019 Isiah Andrews Harvard University Inference on Winners Applied Microeconomics
September 26, 2019 Carlos Noton Universidad de Chile Price Setting and Negotiatian in the Supermarket Industry Econometrics
October 1, 2019 Vijay Krishna Penn State Startups and Upstarts Applied Microeconomics
October 3, 2019 Elliott Lipnowski Columbia University Cheap Talk with Transparent Motives Econometrics
October 8, 2019 Manuela Angelucci University of Texas Depression and Economic Behavior: Evidence from India Applied Microeconomics
October 10, 2019 Marc Henry Penn State Empirical Content of Roy Models Under Stochastic Montonicity Constraints Econometrics
October 16, 2019 Zhentao Shi University of Hong Kong Boosting: Why You Can Use the HP Filter Business and Economics
October 17, 2019 Katja Seim Yale University Welfare Consequences of Nominal Excise Taxation Econometrics
October 22, 2019 Matt Gentry Florida State University Preferences and Performance in Simultaneous First-Price Auctions: A Structural Analysis Applied Microeconomics
October 23, 2019 Marleen Marra Sciences PO Pricing and Fees in Auction Platforms with two sided entry Applied Microeconomics
October 24, 2019 Yusuke Narita Yale University Meritocracy and Its Discontents: Evidence from Repeated School Admission Reforms Econometrics
October 31, 2019 Etan Green University of Pennsylvania Parallax and Tax Econometrics
November 7, 2019 Mark Rosenzweig Yale University Too Many Farms Econometrics
November 12, 2019 Bruno Strulovic Northwestern University Crime Entanglement, Deterrence, and Witness Credibility Applied Microeconomics
November 20, 2019 Vishal Kamat Toulouse School of Economics Identification with Latent Choice Sets Econometrics
November 21, 2019 Florian Gunsilius Brown University Bounds in Continuous Instrumental Variable Models Econometrics
December 3, 2019 Adam McCloskey University of Colorado Boulder Inference on Winners Econometrics
December 10, 2019 Victor Aguirregabiria University of Toronto Imposing Equilibrium Restrictions in the Estimation of Dynamic Discrete Games Applied Microeconomics
December 11, 2019 Sukjin Han University of Texas Optimal Dynamic Treatment Regimes Econometrics
December 12, 2019 Liran Einav Stanford University Voluntary Regulation: Evidence from Medicare Payment Reform Econometrics

Kalai Family Workshops, Spring 2019

Date Speaker Affiliation Seminar Title Workshop
February 11, 2019 Anne Villamil University of Iowa The Credit Crunch and Consumer Bankruptcy Business and Economics
February 12, 2019 Nicholas Yannelis University of Iowa Issues in Equilibrium Theory with Asymmetric Information Applied Microeconomics
February 19, 2019 Ali Khan Johns Hopkins University Games under Incomplete Information Applied Microeconomics
February 21, 2019 Ginger Jin University of Maryland Market Expanding or Market Stealing? Competition with Network Effects in Bike-Sharing Econometrics
February 26, 2019 Deszo Szalay Unversitat Bonn Delegated Expertise, Authority, and Communication Applied Microeconomics
February 28, 2019 Pietro Bonaldi Carnegie Mellon Motives and Consequences of Libor Strategic Reporting: How Much Can We Learn from Banks? Econometrics
March 19, 2019 Steve Callander Stanford The Power of Referential Advice Applied Microeconomics
March 21, 2019 Curtis Taylor Duke On Young Turks and Yes Men: Optimal Contracting for Advice Econometrics
March 26, 2019 Chris Cronin University of Notre Dame Mental Health, Human Capital, and Labor Market Outcomes Applied Microeconomics
March 28, 2019 Tong Li Vanderbilt University Quantile Treatment Effects with Two-Sided Measurement Error Econometrics
April 2, 2019 Kohei Kawaguchi Hong Kong University When Will Workers Follow an Algorithm?: A Field Experiment with a Retail Business Applied Microeconomics
April 4, 2019 Arnaud Maurel Duke University Rationalizing Rational Expectations: Test and Deviations Econometrics
April 9, 2019 Alexander Torgovitsky University of Chicago Nonparametric Estimates of Demand in the California Health Insurance Exchange Applied Microeconomics
April 16, 2019 Gaston Illanes Northwestern University Competition, Asymetric Information, and the Annuity Puzzle Applied Microeconomics
April 24, 2019 Eric Gautier Toulouse School of Economics Adaptive Estimation in the Linear Random Coefficients Model when Regressors Have Limited Variation Econometrics
April 25, 2019 Ignacia Mercadal Columbia University The Restructuring of US Electricity Markets Econometrics