About RISE

The Rice Initiative for the Study of Economics (RISE) was recently established to create an environment for research and teaching that will enhance the role of Rice University as one of the leading institutions in the world for the study of economics. The launching of the multi-year initiative recognizes that research and teaching in economics are critical both to the  academic endeavor of the university and to making effective policy decisions in the world.

The main goals of the initiative are:

  1. To promote and support the efforts of faculty and students in advancing the science of economics.

  2. To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and research within and outside of the Rice academic community.

  3. To foster a better understanding of the importance of economic research in the formulation and assessment of public policy.


RISE Lecture Series

RISE regularly hosts lectures from scholars of note to bring unique perspectives and experiences that enhance the research and learning environment on campus. 

RISE Sponsors Research and Collaboration

RISE actively promotes the distribution of new ideas and collaboration with scholars around the world by hosting the latest research from Rice faculty and co-authors.