Advising and Contact Information

For more information regarding the Rice Economics Undergraduate Program, please contact:

Undergraduate Program Coordinator 

Elizabeth Powell
Baker Hall 266B
(713) 348-3340

Advising Office Hours
9:45–11:00am — Maria Bejan
1:00–2:15pm — George Zodrow
4:00–5:00pm — James Brown
1:00–2:30pm — Peter Hartley
10:15–11:45am — Mahmoud El-Gamal

Rice Economics Department Undergraduate Committee:

Major Advisor
Maria Bejan
Baker Hall 251
(713) 348-3532
Office Hours: Monday 9:45–11:00am

George Zodrow Rice Economics Public Finance Tax PolicyDirector of Undergraduate Studies 
George Zodrow
Baker Hall 260
(713) 348-4891
Office Hours: Tuesday 1:00–2:15pm

James Brown Rice Economics ProfessorMajor Advisor
James Brown
Baker Hall 250
(713) 348-3343
Office Hours: Wednesday 4:00–5:00pm

Peter Hartley Rice EconomicsMajor Advisor
Peter Hartley
Baker Hall 262
(713) 348-2534
Office Hours: Thursday 1:00–2:30pm

Major Advisor
Mahmoud El-Gamal
Baker Hall 240
(713) 348-6301
Office Hours: Friday 10:15–11:45am