Five Facts About Our Grads

Students often ask where our graduates go once they leave Rice. Data from students who have graduated recently indicate the following:

  1. About 30 percent of both ECON and MTEC grads go to graduate or professional schools. Those who go on to graduate school in Economics are primarily, but not exclusively, MTEC majors, and have often participated in our Honors Program (ECON 498/499).
  2. For graduating students who report an occupation, the most popular occupations are Management Consulting (30% of ECON majors, 21% of MTEC majors, and 25% of all majors) and Investment Banking (42% of MTEC majors, 16% of ECON majors, and 29% of all majors).
  3. Also popular among our graduating seniors are Investment/Portfolio Management (6% of ECON majors, 9% of MTEC majors, and 8% of all majors), Commercial Banking (8% of ECON majors, 4% of MTEC majors, and 6% of all majors) and Computer Networking/Internet/Software (4% of both majors).
  4. Nearly 8% of our MTEC majors go into Economic Consulting or Research.
  5. The remaining students (36% of our ECON majors and 13% of our MTEC majors) go into an extremely wide range of other fields. These include, but are not limited to, the oil and gas industry, transportation and logistics, K-12 education, health care, the legal profession, journalism, manufacturing, entrepreneurship, the non-profit sector, professional athletics, and the military.