Economics Major

Students matriculating before 2015 can choose from the two plans listed below:

Matriculation Year

Degree Requirements

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Degree Requirements for a Major in Economics

1. To earn a B.A. degree in Economics, students must present a minimum of 14 courses with a grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0. When students repeat courses or complete more than the minimum required number of courses, the departmental GPA will be based on the set of courses that (1) satisfies all requirements for the degree, and (2) results in the highest GPA for the student. However, when a course is taken at both Rice and another institution, the grade in the Rice course will be used for departmental GPA calculations.

2. The 14 courses presented for the major in economics must include the following:

 (a) 3 core courses in mathematics and statistics:

  • MATH 101 Single Variable Calculus I, or the combination of MATH 111 The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus and MATH 112 Calculus and Its Applications
  • MATH 102 Single Variable Calculus II
  • ECON 307/STAT 310 Probability and Statistics

 (b) 5 core courses in economics and econometrics:

  • ECON 100 Principles of Economics
  • ECON 200 Microeconomics
  • ECON 203 Macroeconomics
  • ECON 209 Applied Econometrics 
  • ECON 300 Game Theory, Microeconomics Topics for ECON Majors

 (c) Six ECON major electives in economics, including at least 3 400-level ECON electives (or an approved alternative).

Transfer Credit

In some cases, transfer credit may be awarded for courses completed at other schools after the student has matriculated at Rice. Students may present a maximum of two such transfer courses in fulfilling requirement (2a). Additionally, students may present a maximum of three such transfer courses in fulfilling requirements (2b) and (2c) combined. (Additional transfer courses may count toward meeting university graduation requirements, but not toward fulfillment of requirements for the major.) Credits awarded to transfer students for courses taken prior to matriculation at Rice are not counted against the limit on transfer courses, but all students must complete more than half of their upper-level major work (300-level and 400-level courses) at Rice. For additional information on transfer credits, consult the economics department website. 

Requirements for Departmental Honors

  1. To earn departmental honors in economics, students must earn a grade of B+ or better in the department’s two-semester honors program, ECON 498/499.
  2. The honors program is available to both ECON and MTEC majors.
  3. To be admitted to the honors program, students (a) must have a GPA of 3.67 or better in all courses taken toward fulfilling their departmental requirements at the beginning of their senior year; (b) must have completed all of the core requirements for their major; (c) must have completed the 400-level course or courses most closely related to their area of research, and (d) must be accepted to the honors program by the professor supervising the program.
  4. For additional information on the honors program, consult the economics department website.