M.A. in Economics with a Ph.D. in Statistics

Requirements for Statistics Ph.D. students simultaneously pursuing an M.A. in Economics:

  • 5 courses from economics comprising
    • microeconomics 1 (Econ 501)
    • macroeconomics (Econ 502)
    • financial economics (Econ 505) or computational economics (Econ 504)
    • microeconomics 2 (Econ 508)
    • econometrics 2 (Econ 511).
  • 5 courses from statistics.
  • Courses that are joint listed between the two departments are counted toward the number of courses in the “home department for the particular course.
  • Pass qualifier in statistics at the comparable level of a field examination for M.A. in economics.
  • Major project – may be directed by statistics faculty but must have strong econometrics content. The doctoral proposal in statistics can count toward this requirement.