Upcoming Workshop

7th Bargaining: Experiments, Empirics, and Theory Workshop (BEET)

  • Rice University

  • May 1-2, 2023

Monday, May 1
Time Event Details
9:00-9:30am Registration and Welcome Speech

Session I

Adrian Aycan Corum: "Activist Settlements"
Bruno Strulovici*, Boli Xu: “A Revision-game Protocol to Predict Cooperation”


Coffee Break


Session II

Dan Keniston, Brad Larsen*, Shengwu Li,
JJ Prescott, Bernardo Silveira, Chuan Yu: “Fairness in Incomplete Information Bargaining: Theory and Widespread Evidence from the Field”
Onur Kesten, Selçuk Özyurt*: “Strategy-proof Multi-issue Mediation: An Application to Online Dispute Resolution"

12:00-2:00pm Lunch

Session III

Aditya Kuvalekar, Anna Sanktjohanser*: "Multilateral Bargaining"
Andrzej Baranski*, Hülya Eraslan: “Two-tier Coalitions: Theory and Experiments”

3:00-3:30pm Coffee Break

Plenary I

Alexander Wolitzky: "Unobserved-offers Bargaining"

7:00pm Workshop Dinner
Tuesday, May 2
Time Event Details

Session IV

Marina Agranov, Hülya Eraslan*, Chloe Tergiman: “Bargaining in the Shadow of Uncertainty”
Jack Fanning: “Outside Options, Reputations, and the Partial Success of the Coase Conjecture”

10:30-11:00am Coffee Break

Session V

Mürüvvet Büyükboyacı, Emin Karagözoğlu*, Serkan Küçükşenel: “Earned Entitlements and Risky Investments in Bargaining: An Experiment”
Ayça Kaya*, Santanu Roy: “Repeated Trading: Transparency and Market Structure"

12:00-2:00pm Lunch

Session VI

John Duffy*, SunTak Kim: “Public Good Bargaining under Mandatory and Discretionary Rules: Experimental Evidence”
Yunmi Kong, Bernardo Silveira*, Xun Tang: “Risk and Information in Dispute Resolution: An Empirical Study of Arbitration”

3:00-3:30pm Coffee Break

Plenary II

Ali Yürükoğlu: “Empirical Progress and Future Challenges in IO Bargaining Models”

7:00pm Dinner

“*” marks the presenting co-author in case of a co-authored work