Interested in working at the SEC?

The SEC is recruiting for two different types of Ph.D. positions that may be of interest to both rookie PhDs and current faculty members. The two "financial economist" positions are employee positions, while the "visiting scholar" position is designed for faculty to visit the SEC for a year as a contractor while retaining their faculty positions.

(1) "Financial economist" and "Financial economist fellows" candidates typically have Ph.D.s in finance, economics, accounting, or closely related fields. Successful candidates have a keen interest in financial markets. DERA is now able to hire persons who hold a valid Green Card. These positions are suitable for candidates at all experience level, including rookies and tenure-track faculty. Our ability to hire in one position type versus the other might change during the recruiting season, so we encourage all applicants to apply to both position types.

(2) "Visiting scholar" positions are typically one-year positions. Successful candidates remain employed by their universities, and the SEC reimburses the universities for the cost of their wages and benefits up to certain limits. The candidate must be a U.S. citizen and must have a full-time faculty appointment at a U.S. university or college. We routinely hire faculty at the assistant-, associate-, and full-professor levels.

DERA is a group of approximately 150 people, about half of whom have Ph.D.s in finance, economics, accounting, and related disciplines. (See our bios: We work with lawyers, accountants, and other professionals across the SEC who have unparalleled expertise in and knowledge of the financial markets. Together, we write the rules and make the policy decisions that create today's markets. This is an exciting place to work.

Rolling Deadline
Yes. See external link for more information.
Name of Organization
Division of Economic and Risk Analysis - U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Type of Opportunity
Full-time Work