Economics PhD Program

The mission of the Department of Economics graduate program is to prepare students to be professional economists in academia, business, or government. The PhD program has three goals: to advance economic knowledge through an intensive and balanced research program; to develop the skills needed to conduct independent research on current economic problems; and to provide training needed for effective teaching of economics.

  • SOLID JOB PLACEMENTS – The success of our PhD program is reflected in our solid job placement record, with 70 percent of our graduates placed in research-oriented jobs (tenure-stream academic plus research institutions).
  • BREADTH IN TRAINING – Our PhD course plan is designed around a dual major model, a best practice in the discipline.
  • EARLY RESEARCH IMMERSION – We offer a Research Methods in Economics course for second-year students to guide them in the transition from coursework to research.
  • IN-HOUSE TEACHING TRAINING – We offer an in-house course in Teaching Economics to all students during the fall of their second year and a Summer Teacher Mentoring Program to assist graduate students who serve as primary instructors in summer courses.
  • DIVERSITY – Our student body is diverse. There are currently are 68 students in residence, 62% of which are men, 37% are women, and 1% outside the binary, and our international students come from a variety of countries.

For more information and to apply, please visit our website. Feel free to share our flyer as well.

Rolling Deadline
Yes. See external link for more information.
Name of Organization
University of Pittsburgh
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