The undergraduate program of the Economics Department is one of the largest undergraduate programs at Rice.

RICE university department of economics MEECON phd
RICE university department of economics MEECON phd


The graduate program offers a PhD in Economics  and a Masters in Energy Economics.   


Faculty members are actively engaged in innovative research and effective teaching.


About Us

The Department of Economics, located in the Rice University's School of Social Sciences, is a center of excellence for research and teaching in economics.  Its faculty, engaged in cutting-edge research and effective teaching, is committed to the advancement of knowledge in all areas of economics and to foster a better understanding of the importance of economic research in the formulation and assessment of public policy.   

Following the launch of the Rice Initiative for the Study of Economics (RISE), and the ensuing expansion of its faculty, the department has established itself as a world-leading institution for structural empirical microeconomics. The structural approach to empirical economics emphasizes the importance of a rigorous combination of economic theory, econometrics and data analysis to address substantively important issues in all areas of economics.

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Department Highlights

Economics' New Course

Antonio Merlo hits the ground running with expanding and improving the economics depatment. "I don't think it's just about building an economics department; it's...