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Uber's economics team is hiring talented economists to do original theoretical and empirical research for both public and internal projects. The tech industry needs economic thinkers and Uber is a great place to start a career, combining the variety, autonomy, and potential of a startup, the rigor of academic research, and the infrastructure and impact of a large company. The economics team embeds economists across public policy, operations, product, corporate strategy, and market design in order to align the company's beliefs on how the market operates and how market design and market interventions affect cities. Some of our past and current research includes Athey et al., “Service Quality in the Gig Economy: Empirical
Evidence about Driver Safety at Uber,” Hall et al., “Pricing Efficiently in Designed Markets: Evidence from Ride-Sharing,” and Cook et al., “The Gender Earnings Gap in the Gig Economy.” 
We are looking for eager new grads or PhDs with strong economics training in econometrics and applied economic theory to join our team. Candidates finishing their undergraduate degree can join on a permanent career path or with the intention of attending graduate school in economics two or more years later. To apply, please email with a resume, a transcript, and the contact information for a faculty member who can speak to your work with data and economics. PhD candidates interested in interviewing at the 2019 AEA meetings in Atlanta can apply through our JOE listing:

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