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Baker Institute Student Forum

The Baker Institute Student Forum (BISF) 

The Baker Institute Student Forum (BISF) is a student-...Read more

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Berkeley Economic Review

Berkeley Economic Review is the University of California at Berkeley’s premier undergraduate, peer-reviewed, academic economics journal. We publish undergraduate research papers and honors theses...Read more

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Comparative Advantage
Comparative Advantage is Stanford University’s undergraduate economics journal.
First published in the spring of 2013, the journal now has a multi-disciplinary student...Read more
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Illinois Weslayan University's Undergraduate Economic Review

The UER is a peer-reviewed journal aimed at promoting high quality undergraduate research. It is supported by the Department of Economics and The Ames Library at Illinois Wesleyan University.Read more

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Issues in Political Economy

Issues in Political Economy is the leading undergraduate research journal in economics. It is co-edited by undergraduates at Elon University and the University of Mary Washington, and is indexed...Read more

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Michigan Journal of Business

The Michigan Journal of Business is a peer-reviewed academic journal published bi-annually by undergraduates at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. Founded in...Read more

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Northeastern University

ECONPress is an editorial journal which showcases undergraduate research in the field of Economics. The goal for EconPress is to advance student knowledge in the field of economics through the...Read more

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Opus 1 makes cutting-edge economic theory and up-to-date applications of economic concepts accessible to undergraduate economics majors/minors and general readers. All readers are encouraged to...Read more

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Student Economic Review
Founded in 1987, the Student Economic Review (SER) is one of the oldest undergraduate journals in theworld. With a reputation for academic excellence, the Review provides a platform to showcase...Read more
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The Developing Economist
We are an undergraduate economics research journal, published with support from the Longhorn Chapter of the Omicron Delta Epsilon Economics Honor Society and the Department of Economics at the...Read more
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The Visible Hand

The Visible Hand is a peer-reviewed academic research journal for undergraduates founded at Cornell University. Our mission is to promote undergraduate economic research by publishing and...Read more

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Tulane Journal of Policy and Political Economy
My name is Westley and I am the Chief Financial Officer of the Tulane Journal of Policy and Political Economy. We recently began accepting article submissions...Read more
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UCLA Undergraduate Journal of Economics

The UCLA Undergraduate Journal of Economics is an academic journal managed by undergraduate economics students at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Where there is change there...Read more