Bryant, John (2005), "Fiat Money and Coordination: A `Perverse' Coexistence of Private Notes and Fiat Money." Eastern Economic Journal, 31(3), 377-381.

"Recently there has been renewed interest in coordination problems, and, in particular, in monetary aspects of coordination. This paper attempts to combine important insights developed in the literature on matching models of money (in particular Kiyotaki and Wright [1989], Kocherlakota [1998] and Cavalcanti and Wallace [1999]) with insights from the macroeconomic coordination game-technological complementarity literature (in particular see Cooper [1999] and Cooper and Corbae [2001]). Taken together, these two related literatures may yield further insight into the relationship between production coordination and outside fiat money, and, thereby, into the coexistence of private notes and outside fiat money."