New Online Math Camp

Building on the success of our online Math and Stats courses, designed for newly admitted doctoral students, the Economics department will now offer our Mathematics Camp for Economists to the general public starting this Fall, October 24th to November 18th.

We hope this program provides a way for individuals preparing to apply to PhD programs (both at Rice and others) to bolster their application and demonstrate their commitment and ability to undergo the rigors expected of doctoral students. Our Mathematics Camp for Economists serves as an accessible review of the tools and methods necessary for success in the first year of PhD in Economics program.

The math camp lasts for a month and is comprehensive, providing an extensive overview of real analysis, linear algebra, calculus, and difference and differential equations. At the end you will receive a Statement of Completion showing your grade in the course and listing in detail the material that the math camp has covered.

PDF icon Syllabus for Rice Econ's Mathematics Camp, Fall 2016

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Monday, September 5, 2016