Awards and Honors

Lodieska Stockbridge Vaughn Fellowship

This award provides a fellowship for a graduate student whose record at Rice shows evidence of outstanding achievement and promise.

2014 –  Xin Li

The John W. Gardner Award

The John W. Gardner Award is given annually to the best dissertation in the Social Sciences from a candidates nominated by each department.

2014 – Xin Li
2013 – Burcu Cigerli

The Jennifer and Purvez Captain Award for Outstanding Economics Dissertation

2018 – Mark Agerton and Nick Frazier
2017 – Margaret McKeehan
2016 – Raul Bajo-Buenoestado and Binlei Gong

The Timothy and Katharine Gunning Award for Best Third-Year Economics Paper

2018 – Bolun Li and Atara Oliver
2017 – Paul Barton
2016 – Nick Frazier

The George R. Zodrow Award for Best Performance in a Workshop

2018 – Bolun Li and Atara Oliver
2017 – Mark Agerton
2016 – Paul Barton

The John R. Kelly Graduate Student Teaching Prize in Economics

2018 – Paul Barton
2017 – Atara Oliver
2016 – Mark Agerton

The Dagobert L. Brito Award for Best Performance by a Recitation Instructor in Economics

2018 – James Chen
2017 – Nick Frazier
2016 – Margaret McKeehan

The Rica and Tony Ligeralde Fellowship Award for Best Performance in Economic Theory Qualifying Exam

2018 – Hira Farooqi and Kelly Neill
2017 – Ibrahim Emirahmetoglu
2016 – Bolun Li and Atara Oliver

The Robin C. Sickles Award for Best Performance in Econometrics Qualifying Exam

2018 – Hira Farooqi and Kelly Neill
2017 – Kirill Evdokimov
2016 – Mehreen Gul

The Maria Esther and Carlos Linares Award for Best Performance in Economics First-Year Courses

2018 – Sen Lu
2017 – Yakym Pirozhenko and Maksat Abasov
2016 – Kirill Evodokimov and Amir Kazempour

Tax Executives Institute Graduate Tax Scholar Award

2018 – Kelly Neill