Peter Mieszkowski

Peter Mieszkowski

Professor Emeritus

Peter Mieszkowski is a Professor Emeritus who joined the economics department in 1981 as the Cline Professor of Economics and Finance. Professor Mieszkowski earned his PhD from Johns Hopkins University and has previously held positions at the University of Houston, Queen's University (Canada), and Yale University. His research centers on public finance, urban economics and health economics. Professor Mieszkowski is currently studying employer provided health insurance as a local public goal where high wage employees who have high demands for health insurance cross subsidize the insurance of lower wages workers. In another project he is studying Medicaid expenditures by U.S. states for the period 1975-2004 to determine the determinants of the relative generosity of different state programs.



Ph.D., Economics, Johns Hopkins University, 1963 
M.A., Economics, McGill University, 1959 
B.A., Chemistry, McGill Univeristy, 1957

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Public Finance, Urban Economics, and Health Economics

Selected Publications