John Bryant

John Bryant Rice University Economics Economist Henry S. Fox, Sr. Professor Management

John Bryant

Professor Emeritus

John Bryant is a Professor Emeritus. Before joining the Rice economics faculty Professor Bryant worked for several branches in the Federal Reserve system and holds a PhD from Carnegie Mellon University. His areas of expertise include banking and monetary theory and coordination. His research interests include banking and monetary theory, economics, epistemological and ontological foundations, coordination, asymmetric information, strategic uncertainty, and development of Bryant's coordination game. 


Ph.D., Economics, Carnegie Mellon University, 1975 
M.A., Economics, Carnegie Mellon University, 1973 
B.A. (High Honors), Economics, Oberlin College, 1969

Banking and Monetary Theory, Economics, Epistemological and Ontological Foundations, Coordination, Asymmetric Information, Strategic Uncertainty, Special Projects 



Selected Publications