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G. Zodrow

 George R. Zodrow

 Allyn R. and Gladys M. Cline Chair of Economics

 Baker Hall 260
 Ph: 713.348.4891
 Fax: 713.348.3141
 Email: zodrow@rice.edu



EDUCATION:Ph.D., Economics, Princeton University, 1980
M.A., Economics, Princeton University, 1977
M.M.E., Mechanical Engineering, Rice University, 1973
B.A., Mechanical Engineering and Economics, Rice University, 1972
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Tax reform in the U.S. and developing countries
and state and local public finance.
WORKING PAPERS AND FORTHCOMING PAPERS: “InternationalTaxation and Company Tax Policy in Small Open Economies,” in Tax Reform inOpen Economies: International and Country Perspectives, edited by Iris Claus, Norman Gemmell, Michelle Hardingand David White, Edward Elgar Publishing, forthcoming.

"CapitalMobility and Capital Tax Competition,” National Tax Journal, forthcoming.

“Efficiencyand State and Local Taxation,” (with Athiphat Muthitachareon), Proceedingsof the 101st Annual Conference on Taxation, National Tax Association, forthcoming.

“Pillarsof Public Finance,” Proceedings of the 102nd Annual Conference onTaxation, National Tax Association,forthcoming.


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