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Malcom Gillis

Malcolm Gillis

University Professor of Economics

Baker Hall 274
Ph: 713.348.4969
Fax: 713.348.5278
Email: mgillis@rice.edu

Curriculum Vitae 

EDUCATION:Ph.D., Economics, University of Illinois, 1968
M.A., Economics, University of Florida, 1963
B.A., Economics, University of Florida, 1962
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Public Finance, Economic Development, Natural Resources.

Gillis, Malcolm, “Nine Lessons from Five Decades of World Economic Growth: Implications for North Korea.” For 2006 Gwangju Summitt of Nobel Peace Leaureates.  Gwangju, Korea, June 15-17, 2006. (to be published in 2007)

Gillis, Malcolm, “Challenges and Opportunities in Nano, Bio and Information Technology”Houston, Texas, September 6, 2006.


Gillis, Malcolm, Robert F. Conrad and D. Evan Mercer, “Tropical Forest Harvesting and Taxation:  A Dynamic Model of Behavior”, Environment and Development Economics, October 2005.

Gillis, Malcolm, “Tax Policy and Capital Formation: African Experience with the Value-Added Tax,” Policy Sciences, Vol. 34, 2001.

Gillis, Malcolm, “Historical and Contemporary Debate on Consumption Taxes,” in George Zodrow, Editor, Consumption Taxes, Cambridge University Press, 2002.

Gillis, Malcolm, “Financial Crisis in East Asia: Underlying and Precipitating Factors” in Richard Snape, editor, Festschift for Anne O. Krueger, Macmillan, 2001.

Gillis, Malcolm and Jeffrey R. Vincent, “National Self-Interest in the Pursuit of Sustainable Development,” in C. H. Ward and Jurgen Schmandt, Sustainable Development:  The Challenge of Transition(New York Cambridge University Press, 1999).

Gillis, Malcolm and Jeffrey R. Vincent, “Deforestation and Forest Land Use:  A Comment,” The World Bank Research Observer, vol. 13, no. 1 (February 1998).

Mieszkowski, Peter, George Zodrow and Malcolm Gillis, “Indirect Consumption Taxes:  Common Issues and Differences Among the Alternative Approaches,” Tax Law Review, (New York University), vol. 51, number 4, pp. 725-774.  (1998).

Gillis, Malcolm, "The Indonesian Tax Reform After Five Years," Taxation and Economic Development Among Pacific Asian Countries, edited by Richard A. Musgrave, Ching-huei Chang and John Riew, San Francisco, Westview Press, 1994.  Reprinted in Hal Hill, editor, The Economic Development of Southeast Asia, (Cheltenham, U.K., Edward Elgar Publishing).